my generation!!!!

As a kid i remember getting moral lessons from my grand parents.i and anagha used to sit down and listen to grandparents would take turns every night and tell us one story each and always would end it with a moral lesson.aji used to end it with mag aaj tumhi kai shikla????…….ki khara bolne hach apla dharma.(honesty is our real dharma).i really miss my grandparents somehow i wish they would always be there around me.they live in gwalior my family has always taught us things like honesty,truth,trust,being unselfish,being humble,being helpful,respect,etc etc…they never forced these values on us.but they made sure we were aware about it.also because they didnt force it,it has become a way of life.its simple the more you force people to do something they just tend to not do it.i am noone to judge myself but i can surely say i have turned out ok.i dont know but i somehow feel that my generation is really loosing track of values,they have been overtaken with things like money,fame,status and so is alarming!
i am not a sadist i am proud of being a part of this generation for various reasons.when i talk about my generation i solely mean the indian youth,i cant really talk about the youth in the world.i dont have that kind of exposure as yet. the financial boon ,the it sector,the bpo companies,the young politicians like rahul gandhi,mr.pilot,and so on,our space technology is easily amongst the top 3 in the world,and we have also played and will play a very major role in making India a super power.I am not mentioning the progress women have made in every field simply because thanks for being a part of my generation,i dont really think there is any difference between a man and a woman.(ofcourse other than the physicality,thank god! for that;) )i have no doubts we will overtake everyone in the days to come.but in doing all this are we slowly getting away from our roots??are we giving money more importance than happiness??are we really aware of who we are and where we are heading??has family and relationships taken second priority?? all these questions keep haunting me and they disturb me more when the answer to most of them is a YES.
globalisation.thanks to the technological advances the world has really become a small place.we can exchange cultures,views,pictures,etc around the globe in a click.but globalisation can be tricky,most of us tend to ape the west in everything without really giving a thought to what is it we are getting into?for eg- the family system in India.we see more and more divorces now-a-days,more nuclear families,the whole concept of a marriage has completely taken a u-turn.i think everything positive in life is only because of the family.until and unless you dont have the emotional support in life anything you achieve will always be incomplete.when girls today get pregnant at the age of 14-15,when boys are ready to kill someone to get their dose of drugs at a tender age?? these questions arise only due to lack of values in their upbringing.i wont really say that parents today dont have the right values,its more got to do with they having no time.they are so busy making money and securing a great future for their kids,that they absoultely forget about their present.its so right to make sure that your kids dont have to worry about anything in the future but should it really be at the cost of her getting pregnant or him being a drug addict.i proudly say that my mom is a housewife.she is a gutsy woman and could have become anything she wanted, but she did sacrifice everthing so that we could always have her 24-7 whenever we wanted her to be there.SACRIFICE my mom says is the most important word in any womans life.she always tell us that in this day and age where we have our lavish lifestyles its very important that woman helps with financial concerns of her family and always be independent.but a woman also has to realise that however modern this world becomes at the end of the day she will have to give up whole lot of things in the name of her husband,children,her family.and its not because she is the weaker one its only because woman is always emotionally and mentally more stronger than a man.and she has to be proud about that and not fight it out,saying why women should make all the sacrifices??now being a 21st century girl this is a little difficult to swallow,but the truth is i do believe in family first and there is no two ways about it.
neways what i am trying to say here is we cannot lose faith in marriage,and our family system.i have a friend abroad who believes that looking at the Indian family system the people in US have realised its importance and have slowly started believing in these things.but somehow we are are not realising the strength we have in being together.we are just running away from things that in the end matter the most.
bollywood.godddd! the movies they make today are the height of senselessness.the multiplex culture has its flaws and advantages.before the movie releases i think its already a matter how crappy the acting is,the content just doesnt matter.i mean what are the akshay kumar movies about,welcome,singh is king,hey baby,etc……they are sheer crap,absolutely rubbish.i mean you can understand making a mistake once,twice but it has become a bloody hit formula. HIT the bloody definition of a hit has become a movie running for ten days i think.i mean they waste crores of rupees on movies like kambakht ishq,rather they donate the money to a charity organisation.i will applaud that.cut to hollywood,man! m realy waiting to watch movies like the departed,or say all robin william movies,good will hunting,dead poets society,etc…i mean these are favourite movie shawshank redemption was a flop in hollywood,i mean IF shwshank was not a good movie than movies should not be is the baap of all the moveis ever made.see i know i have to realistic and not suddenly expect that kind of level here,but atleast show us that we are slowly taking steps towards that kind of film making.that will never happen i think….where the hell are we goin???the female actors in bollywood are there only to look good,wear nothing and say some 10 scentences in the movie.i mean none of them seem to represent anything but just that woman can easily be categorised as plain dumb.with an exception of aamir khan moveis which seem to make sense,very few people in bollywood are making stuff that matters.its just plain dissapointing the amount of money going waste in making crap.
money.thats the word that drives all of us,doesnt it? i dont think making money and making a good life for yourself is ever considered wrong.but we are constantly guilty of giving up things that are the funda is being mean,shrewd,selfish,dishonest,donot trust anyone,etc is a key to success.if you are good the world will walk all over you.aajkal ke jamane mein bas paisa bolta hai boss!its cruel,but thats true!we are constantly after finding heroes,who are not really worth it.i mean a prime example of making a hero out of something that could have been really so great is sania mirza.i respect that girl.she got tennis again into the spotlight.she is the first woman to do a lot of stuff.but we made her so big,for performances like a 3rd round finish and pri-quater finish,that we as the indian public should be solely responsible for her performances now. i really am rooting for her and genuinely want her to do really well.we love to celebrate mediocricty,if we would have just let her be…..may be today she would have done much greater things which would have really deserved applause.the truth is we make heroes and we break them too.rakhi sawant……..can u believe that she is a celebrity today.i mean give me a bloody break.we are just making crap sound good.reality shows,talent shows,etc are recipe for instant fame….. people who we have never known existed until we saw them on these shows.hridaynath mangeshkar rightly observed that todays singers are behind things which have nothing to do with music.they want money and fame.not excellence.half of the singers today have not learnt music.they have not done rias for forget 12hrs like us but for 1 hr a day.though they might get fame they will be forgotten right after they are out of sight.if your love for music is for real,no matter what happens people will know you forever.youth of today is running behind temprorary not permanent.hes so right.!!!
i have a lot of hopes from my generation.see,i know not all of us have lost track.many of us are really doing great work,and also have our hearts at the right place.i am sure all of us together will become great indiviuals,and make our country proud.i hope that we will all respect love,honesty,relations,trust,etc. and the next generations will not say paisa bolta hai,but sirf aur sirf insaan ka karma bolta hai.lets all chase excellence and not mediocricity in whatever we choose to do,and lets all do it with a good heart.i am hoping for great things for my generation.and as my fav dailouge in my fav movie,i would like to end this monolouge,by saying that hope is a good thing and a good thing never dies.:):) LETS GO INDIA!


5 thoughts on “my generation!!!!

  1. u write very well..maybe u should write ur biography..or think abt writin it at some point of time….and i like to add some thing to wat u've written..there's always 2 sides to a coin..there are ppl who like to live in the way u've mentioned here,but ther r other ppl also..wit different likes nd dislikes..nd ur right abt money..all run behind money coz they think they'l get happiness if they have money..but the actual thing is if ther's happiness money is nt at all a problem in life,atleast i think like tht..he heh…


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