live to learn,learn to live!!

socrates said “knowing you are not wise is real wisdom.” i am not socrates,i am not as great as him.i am a very normal human being trying to live life in the best way i can,and being arrogant enough to believe that i have answers to most of the questions. i sometimes do act arrogant and believe that there is nothing that i cant do.though its true that really if you put your mind into something and you really want to learn it you can achieve that no matter what.though what if its something like making a round chapati??i mean how can anyone put one’s mind into learning something like that.i think the only way i was ever going to come to doing it ,was if my mother was not around and all the maids in the world didnt want to cook for us.right now for the last month or so me and my sister are in a very similar situation,and all hell did break lose!

cooking is an is something that anyone can try learning,but if you are not cut out for it,than you are not cut for it.its that simple.i am not saying i am not cut out for it just as yet.because after 15 days of making ovals and squares,sometimes black and sometimes not so black rotis.i today have finally achieved the impossible of making a very round roti,in the colour that it should have always been.this achievement i am sure would have brought tears of joy from my moms eyes.though shes not here i have clicked a picture of that roti,just in case she doesnt believe it.the key ingredient of making a eatable roti is that it should not be thick around the edges,if its thick than the phulka you are trying to make will never really swell up.when that phulka swelled up the right way today i felt my heart swell with pride of an achievement that i thought was almost impossible.once a good roti is achieved making the sabjis,dal and chawal seems a piece of cake.
it took me some time to get into my system that i have to be the one to actually go to the market and get vegetables.buying vegetables in pune is a complete bargaining act.if you are not a bargainer and if you act like a complete idiot and let the vendor know that you are the new kid on the block,then you can be seriously looted.the first time i went to buy sabji i spent around 300 bucks.i was shocked that a kilo of bhendi costs around 40rs.when i came home and told my mom what i got and for how much,she couldnt stop laughing.i was so annoyed, i mean common i walked 2kms with carrying a load of around 5-6 kilos and shes laughing her heart out.she told me if i keep buying such expensive vegetable i can make a millionare of all the vendors.after being looted for a while i finally decided to make every penny count.with every vegetable i buy i make sure that i at least save 5 bucks.doing that i come back home saving around mom says its not about the amount you save.if something is worth 10rs it has to be bought at 10rs,its your hard earned money at stake.its your duty to spend it the right way.
in this process i have made a good friend.i call him ramu kaka.he sells fruits near my house.our friendship started with a very embarrassing incident.i went to him to get some bananas.there was a crowd there taking their stock of fruits.i go upto him with full confidence and say “bhaiya,jara ek kilo kela dena.”there were 2 aunties and ramu kaka who heard that,they bursted out laughing.i was just so annoyed because as i am not socrates i knew i could never be wrong.i was confident that there was nothing really funny about what i said.after they were done laughing ramu kaka says “madam,aapko ek dozen kela chaiye hoga shayad,woh kya hai na ham fal kilo ke bhav se nahi bechte.”after hearing that i and those two aunties laughed for about 10 mins.god!!it was pretty stupid.after this i always go to ramu kaka for fruits.he adresses me as “1 kilo kela”.i am not annoyed anymore,hes actually a really nice guy.
so after being stupid for a while i have become pretty decent with running the house.though i still feel i am the know all.i mean why should i be all modest like socrates,when i have a chance to be me…whats life without some individuality!!….i am sure socrates if listening is nodding his head….:):)
p.s. i am also learning the art of driving an sx4…its just been 3days..its too early to decide if i am cut out for it…will let you people know….;)

2 thoughts on “live to learn,learn to live!!

  1. hi socrates u really r modest n congrats for making a round chappati its as worthy as winning a tournament atleast its one step ahead towards ur independence.


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