Single… 24!

It’s a major let down for my 12 year old friend who has a 15 year old girlfriend. He came up to me and told me, ” tai, you are pretty useless. You are almost turning 30 now and you still don’t have a boyfriend.” I laughed more at how certain he was about me being useless, than the later part. He also told me some tips on how should I attract attention. It was pretty hilarious.

Mothers are born to worry. I think the worrying phase is at it’s optimum when there daughter turns 24.  She goes, ” god knows! When will you get married? Look at your friends everyone is getting engaged atleast by now. You here are busy hitting shuttlecocks. Hope you wake up!”  The more her tone gets serious the more I laugh. When she realises all her reasoning is making me laugh she throws in her trump card. ” you have a younger sister, at least think about her.”, and when she says this she almost has the puss in boots look in her eyes! ( if you guys have seen shrek). She sure looks cute, so I go and give her a hug but convinced I am not. Don’t get me wrong my mom is pretty cool. She will never force me into anything, she has always let me take my decisions and I am sure she will also let me take this one. Though being a mother it’s her birth right to worry about my marriage. I let her do it.

If it’s not mother, there are ‘the very emotional friends’ asking you weird questions.  I recently went for a night out and just during our last coffee before sleeping we were discussing single hood. I was telling them I am in a very happy space and living life exactly the way I want to. They were telling me how nice it is to have that special

someone to share your life with. Then a friend asks me, ” Aditi, when you go for dinner with your friends and you see them with their boyfriends, I know you are happy for them but I am sure you realise there’s no one sitting next to you?” I didn’t answer the question right away because if I had given her the answer she would have pulled my hair off. The answer to this is, ” when I go for dinner the sole purpose of it is to enjoy my drink and that beautiful steak. Once I have fulfilled that the next thing is pull their legs as much as possible in front of their would be’s! ”  Though I didn’t say this, I just gave her the expression that her question has forced me to think, when really I was thinking about that gorgeous steak.

I don’t understand whats the big deal about. I know love is great and it changes your world. I have seen friends in love. The constant talking on phone,messaging. Getting angry for no real reason so that he tries hard to make you smile. The conversations they are having constantly through their eyes. The constant sulking of missing their partners when they are not around. It’s all adorable and I am sure I want to experience all of that. Though it can’t be because I am turning 25 this year, or because I am surrounded by happy couples and it’s time to find someone.  I mean love can’t be forced and it will happen when it has to. I can’t be expected to feel sorry for myself.

Recently a relative send my dad a photo. Dad told me to check it out, the guy was fair with green eyes. I replied to dad saying, ” Your daughter isn’t katrina Kaif. Think about the future our baby will be so confused, he might have a black and a green eye. Let’s save the future dad!”  my dad has not send me a photo since. Huh….. All of this is fun.  This one got my mom laughing too. As long as she is laughing.

24 th year on earth is pretty interesting. Suddenly people are trying to put pressure on me but it’s not for my badminton, the area has changed. Though they forget I have handled pressure for all my life now and I know how to survive through it.

I know there is only one person who can handle single hood all his life, it’s our very own Hanumanji!  I am nowhere near him, I am a mere mortal i know I will have to graduate to the next level soon. I promise, i will.  Stop worrying, my dearest mother!

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5 thoughts on “Single… 24!

  1. hi Aditi this is Pratik, before i introduce myself let me congratulate you on this simple yet riveting
    piece of writing. i know you as a badminton player, a champion rather and here i found entirely different Aditi. who is just worried about her mother's worries like any other girl. please keep on writing. its just as wonderful and thrilling as badminton itself. i haven't played badminton a lot but as a writer i have a little experience so i dare to say this. by the way i work as copy editor in unique features, pune. you can visit our website also on whenever you get a free time. have a wonderful day. by take care


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