Kaira and Aarti were twins. They both were very different people, as most siblings are. Kaira had just finished her studies and had got a job in a small company. She was a great student. Right from the beginning she was a topper in her class and teachers loved her. She wasn’t exactly adventurous. She lived in her small world with few friends and was happy with her life. She fit the bill of a good girl to the “ T.”

Aarti was a rebel. She challenged everything and had an opinion on everything. She was just an average student all her life. She was great at music. She played the guitar like she owned it and had a lovely voice. She was not exactly the teacher’s favorite but the students loved her. She was always surrounded by her friends and she had dreams of climbing the Mount Everest someday.

Aarti when was just 16 years old, when she was suggested by her friends to make a video of her playing the guitar and singing a song just for fun. Aarti being a rock star went ahead and did it. The song got 1lakh hits in just a week. Aarti was shocked and surprised ,to make sure this just wasn’t a fluke she went ahead and put another video. That crossed the one lakh hits mark in just 3 days. Over a period of time Aarti was called a CYBER ROCK STAR. As she got more and more known she got an offer from a internet modem company for an ad. She also got an offer to sing for a bollywood movie. Aarti was a star at the age of 17 years.

This sudden popularity affected the siblings relationship. Aarti was busy and was hardly at home. Kaira on the other hand lead her routine life. Her parents wanted Kaira to go abroad and study. All of her friends had gone abroad. She persisted that she was happy where she was and didnt want to go anywhere. Her parents would tell her that she should be ambitious like Aarti and she being a intelligent girl could do wonders with better education abroad. Kaira just didnt care, she was happy and that was all that was important.Though Kaira had that constant feeling of not being able to satisfy her parents. Once most of her friends left Kaira felt lonely she was desperate to talk to someone. There were so many things to say.

One rainy afternoon Kaira was sitting alone in her usual place near her house. Aarti who was at home followed her to the place and went and stood behind her. Kaira started crying feeling depressed and unappreciated. Aarti went and sat beside her and put her hand around her. Kaira gasped and wiped those tears off. Aarti said, “ hmm, madam you are an idiot. If you have to cry you should make sure people know about it. Its not a movie you know in the real world no hero is going to come to wipe off those tears.” Kaira replied, “ What, you were following me? “Yes, i was. I didnt see any hero following you so I thought atleast I should.” Aarti quipped. “Shut up. I am in no mood of jokes. Why are you here?” ,Kaira replied, “ I am here to talk to you. I think you need someone right now. So, whats up? Whats wrong? Is it a guy problem? I can go bash him up if you want.” en quired Aarti.

“Well, I am not a rock star like you to have men running behind me. The problem is that aai-baba are not happy neither satisfied with what I am doing? They want me to go to US study more,get a better job and so on. All my friends have left already. They complain that I have no ambition in life. I mean just because I dont want to go to US how does that qualify as being unambitious? I am not you Aarti. I have all my life never lived without you guys. I cant see myself going in a completely new surrounding and adapting to it. Is is so bad to be scared of leaving your home’s comfort? Is is so bad to be honest about it? I love my job Aarti. It is exactly what I dream of doing. I see my seniors and I am inspired I want to do that kind of work. Yes its not a very well known company, the salary is not that great. But so what isnt being happy more important than anything else? Why is it so bad to be ordinary? Is it a written law that if you are not extra ordinary you dont exist? Believe me, I love you. I am so proud of who you are and what you have achieved at such a young age. You inspire so many people. You are fearless and strong. But thats not me Aarti. That is just not me. Why cant I be accepted just the way i am?

Aarti was silent for a while. She looked at Kaira and gave her a kiss on her cheek. “oh my lovely little Kaira. You are a fool to think that aai-baba arent proud of you. I mean for god sake look at our history. Has even one of us got more than 60% in our khandan’s history? You have all your life never got less than 85% . You have done it without any of our help. We didnt even know which class you went to, we couldnt help you with any of your studies because we didnt know ABCD of your field. But you did what you did with so much of hardwork and dedication that you have changed the legacy of our khandan forever.” This brought a little smile on Kaira’s face.

“ Babes, aai-baba just fear that you being so good are not left behind in any way. They just want you to be the best that you can be. All parents are like that. So dont ever think that they dont appreciate what you do. Kaira accepting your fears is strength. Theres nothing wrong in saying you are afraid. Dont you ever think that you are a coward. At 20 you know what you are doing, you are standing on your own two feet, and more importantly you know exactly what you want to be in future. To stand up for your beliefs is courage, Kaira. It is very easy to just follow the herd, its very difficult to choose a different path and to then shine through it. If you are so sure about not going abroad then stick by it ,come what may. Slowly as aai-baba see your progress they will be proud.”

“ You know Kaira, people see my popularity and success and feel that we should have a life like hers. I wish I could tell them the real truth.” Kaira looked surprised at this. “ Really Kaira, I am just a girl who got lucky. I got success too quickly. I am just a girl with an ordinary voice and a little bit of skill with guitar. Any girl could have that. I have no formal training in both. When people compare me with some great singers I feel like hiding my face. I have no strong foundation, and anything without a foundation will always be short lived. But todays world is crazy Kaira. Today being mediocre is cool. Mediocre sells. You think I have a loads of friends and a glamorous life. Its all a lie. This world is full of insecure people who are with you for there selfish reasons. Theres no friend here. I am a part of the facebook generation. Where you have 1000 friends in your list but you really know only 3 of them. Its all shallow and empty. When success comes without real hard work it only leads to a empty and a lonely life. To see you have everything but in reality you have nothing, atleast not the part that matters anyway.”

“You arent mediocre Kaira. Let me tell you being extraordinary is over rated. I have learnt from experience that by far the most really successful people are those who lead ordinary lives, untouched by the craziness around.” Kaira looked up with a smile on her face.

“ Gosh! I cant believe my ears. Aarti I never thought you were so good at this. We are just 20 but I feel like you have outgrown me by 20 years .” Aarti smiled. “Life in the fast lane does that to you, sister.”

In every relationship in life there is that one moment, one conversation after which the bond is sealed. It doesnt matter if you are regularly in touch or you see each other everyday. In your heart you know that somewhere in the world there is that person who will be there for you no matter what. This moment was that moment for the SISTERS.

Today Kaira works in the same company ,only the difference is she runs it. Aarti just a few months after that conversation left her singing career and started studying literature. She has published three books and the publishers are happy. Kaira and Aarti meet on the same date every year(the date of that conversation) and their pact is to make sure its at a different city each time around. Today they are sitting in Kashmir and raising a toast to SISTERHOOD!


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