My punching bag..

My Punching Bag

I am a boxer and my parents are my punching bag! This is what I realised today. I also confirmed the fact that I do have the coolest set of parents and that fills me up with gratitude. I look back 25 years of my life and I can’t figure the last time I asked my parents before I took a decision, either personal or professional. Yes, I may have discussed and debated with them but I have gone ahead and done things exactly the way I wanted to. They have been at the receiving end of all my antics, sometimes stupid adventures and what not.

The first major decision and the point when I took charge of my life goes eight years back, when I was 17. I can’t forget that day and the look on my dad’s face. I was sitting in a room ,my leg on the table across me. My right knee was as big as a pumpkin due to swelling as I had just twisted it real bad the day before. All my well wishers sat around me. This included Prakash Padukone, Vimal KUmar, and Hemant Hardikar all my coaches, the Sosale family, and my dad. Prakash sir was telling me to consider choosing DR. Anand Joshi to do the surgery on my leg. I all of 17, didn’t exactly know what the A in an Acl surgery stood for was convincing him that I wanted Dr. Sundresh to do my surgery. I told him that i liked Dr. Sundresh from the moment I met him and besides I felt that Dr. Anand Joshi was a really busy doctor and I wasn’t sure if he would give me enough time after the surgery (rehab) which I thought was crucial. My dad sat there baffled at my confidence. He realised how helpless he was, and his  daughter was at a risk of never playing a competitive sport ever again.  Looking at how stubborn I was to do it my way, he let me go ahead with my decision anyway. I still have no idea how he got a lakh of rupees cash needed for my operation. When i asked him about it he would just tell me to focus my energy on the surgery and forget about everything else. I  also remember in my first session of rehab, my dad came upto the physiotherapist and while telling him to take care of me made the useless attempt of holding back tears. I still regret the fact that I didn’t give him a hug that day on the contray I chose to forget about it. As children we are just used to thinking that it’s ok if the mother cries but fathers are supposed to be like a rock. Today I do know that fathers are allowed to cry too and they have as much right to emote as the mother.

All my decisions regarding my complicated badminton career (thanks to my love for injuries) has always scared my parents off. They are excellent actors they hide their fears, and insecurities in front of me. They replace it with confidence and belief and make me feel that I can achieve everything that I want to. I remember my mother was so tensed when I told her that I am planning to go for a 3 month stint in Europe. I also told her I would have to spend  a amount of 2 lakhs and her eyes went wide with fear. Though my company really helped me I was still short  of a lakh, my dad got the money anyhow from his savings and let me do that stint.  At that time I didn’t realise that we were a middle class family with limited resources all I knew was I had a dream and I had to get to it no matter what. I wanted my parents to provide and they just magically always provided. 

I have always been a dreamer,a wanderer. In the past two years especially as I have played less and been more injured I have indulged in so many things. I learnt the guitar for two months, joined a wildlife group, worked as an intern in an NGO, learned tennis, I plan to join a jazz club and to buy a cycle, I also want to do an MBA and I also am in the process of giving one last shot to my badminton dream.
I also do a lot of things alone, by myself. I go and listen to public speakers,  go see a painting exhibition,watch plays and movies , I randomly go talk to strangers and write blogs on them,etc.  Two years back I would have thought of all this as strange but not today. I realise life is too short to not do something because you don’t have company. Fortunately I’m not a loner I have some amazing people as friends and I love them and have a blast with them. Though I realise that I also love my own company,I need my space  and I’m capable of enjoying by myself too. My mom gets worried and rightly so.  Some months back she sat me down and asked me about my lonely adventures, she thought I was depressed. I laughed my ass of on her dramatic conclusions. Just to make her feel ok I showed her myself dancing like a crazy woman in a friends party, I think she calmed down after that. She doesn’t question my behaviour anymore, but still thinks I am crazy.( this I know for sure as my grandmom confirmed that my mother told her so)

I have always kept my parents on their toes,they have no idea what to expect next. I have always thrown  the weight of my dreams on them and they have absorbed everything. They understand to be happy I need to jump, I need to fly. They have never confined me or set boundaries. They have let me take my decisions, make mistakes, let me fall and rise again. They taught me about love,honesty,integrity and responsibility without even my knowing it. They have always taught me by example.

Being parents is the most difficult job in the world. Every parent is different he has to be because every child is unique. There is no book which tells you one right way to be one. It’s a everyday job with no theory but only practical. A parent has to experiment everyday finding ways to teach a child. The experiment might fail on that day the next day you start from scratch again, make changes and hope to God that your child learns. You are his first teacher, his first friend and also his first enemy.  

I wish that I could be at least do fifty percent of what my parents have done for me. If I can achieve that then I know for sure that even if my child may not be the smartest or the greatest , he will surely be the happiest. I know this because when I see myself in the mirror I see a really happy person.

Oh! I love you so much, My Punching Bag!

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2 thoughts on “My punching bag..

  1. When we focus our energy towards constructing a passionate, Meanigful life, we are tossing a pebble in to the owrld, creating a beautiful ripple effect of inspiration. When one person follows a dream, tried smething new or takes a daring leap, everyone nearby feels that energy and before too long they are making their own daring leaps and inspiring yet another CIRCLE 🙂


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