The GerWomania Diary

The GerWomaniA Diary

26th march 2013, Tuesday.

Day 1,4:45am, Mumbai.

I am sleepy, really sleepy. I am sitting near the gate no 6, my boarding gate at the Mumbai airport. I am flying to Dusseldorf via Istanbul on the Turkish airlines. It’s sinking in slowly that I am on a holiday and I am not going to Germany to play a tournament.  I feel lighter not just because I am not carrying a 10kg kit bag but also because there is no pressure. I don’t have to perform, I don’t have to win , or constantly remind myself of drinking water. I feel relaxed, excited,young, and filled with anticipation of the next ten days.

I like the name  GerWomania for this diary. It has a little bit of Germany, woman and mania. (” A  mad woman in Germany! “)  Also the word Womania is kick ass, it comes from one song I’m pretty fond of, “Oh, Womania” from gangs of wasseypur. I loved reading, ‘the diary of Anne Frank’ , but naming this diary on the same lines would be a disaster. My name is not as cool as ‘Annie Frank’. I have always liked the European names better. They are cooler, are easier to write and spell. Asian names are too complicated and difficult, Subbramanium, Mohanchandran Nair,etc.  For that matter even Mutatkar. I mean even the Indian newspapers hardly got my surname right. It would vary from Mutlikar, Murlikar etc. Half of the names in Asia are just sounds, Chen Chin Chong, Yu Li, Patipat Boonan and so on.  They are sounds that are names.  I mean compare this to Richard Gere, BonJovi, Bob Marley, Ayn Rand, etc.  They just seem to have character and you can hardly go wrong with saying them.

Why am I doing this ten day trip? Is it to run away, to discover, to explore, to learn, to find questions or is it to find answers, or is it just living my dream. I just don’t know yet. May be by the end of it I will . I just vaguely remember in my trips in the circuit I would see the hippies, the back packers and envy them. I had decided long back that I will do that someday, travel alone in unknown lands and unlock the mystery. This is my first attempt towards that dream, and I am dying to find out what I see.

Though I’m pretty sure of the fact that I will make a very bad hippie. I don’t  mind the living in mediocre  conditions but I cannot be detached emotionally from people. I care too much, I love my people. I actually sometimes care about people I do not know. I’m pretty pathetic that way. I need to be loved  as much as i need to love. So being hippie shouldn’t be me.

Day 1, 1.30pm Istanbul airport.

I love airports. It’s like the whole world has gathered up for a party. People from different countries going to  different countries. One African guy with his unique musical instrument was playing his folk songs loudly and roaming around the airport. I actually quite liked the music.  He was fearless, not bothered and having fun doing his thing. Nobody stopped him, most of them stopped and listen and cheered, I joined in too. Freedom, it is by far the most important feeling in all feelings. If only you are free can you really be happy.

  Istanbul airport is not too big compared to the best airports in the world. It’s crowded and just about enough to accommodate the on coming passengers. It also doesn’t have free wifi anymore. I’m quite sure it was there when I came here earlier.  Anyways I had Dawood Ibrahim for company. I’m reading Dongri to Dubai, Dawood is such an intelligent guy that if he would have governed our country we would have kicked everybody’s ass. But alas he’s a don, the bad guy.

I am waiting for my flight to Dusseldorf, which should start boarding in the next half and hour or so. I am so excited to meet Sailee and Chinmay. Sailee is the only girl I know who can talk more than me, I am just waiting to give her a hug and just listen to her talk.

Day 2, 9.30 am, Bochum

I am sitting at Chinmay’s place having chai with one of my besties, Sailee.   I reached here yesterday night to 4 degrees temperature and a clear sky. I came out of the airport and received a big hug from both Sailee and Chinmay. All my tiredness vanished just in a flash. One thing  I have done right is investing my time and heart in friendships. I don’t have a clue about where my money is  invested nor do I know too much about love. But I’m immensely proud about my friends and the equations I share with them.  I don’t just have one best friend, every friend is close. I don’t have too many secrets. If im asked anything personal I answer it  with full  honesty, I never feel I have anything worth hiding.

chinmay- my only friend who always has a plan.

Sailee and Chinmay are people filled with love. What i really respect in all my non badminton friends is that even though I have not been around in all their special stories, that has never changed their love for me. I have always felt wanted, and always felt like an important part of their lives. I am really lucky when it comes to my friends, it makes me happy fills me with peace.

Yesterday was historic personally. I finally had my first dose of alcohol. To make it special Chinmay got me a champagne, we popped it together. It felt like cough syrup but i kind of liked it, in a strange kind of a way. I wanted  my first experience to be special, and I felt my first road trip was special enough. I realise that I have entered a real wide subject ( alcohol) which has so much to explore. Let’s see how this goes.

Today we are going to walk around Bochum. The weather seems perfect and so is the company. Looking forward to what I learn and see.


2 thoughts on “The GerWomania Diary

  1. Hey Aditi…Felt very happy to know you are on a Road trip in Germany!!! I Hope you have a great and wonderful time…Reading this blog though gives me no doubt as to how much you are enjoying !!!


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